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Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple Has Extended iCloud Storage For MobileMe Customers

After the less than stellar launch of MobileMe , Apple wants to do as much as possible to look after those who supported the fledgling online service as they transition everyone to iCloud .

So it's no surprise that Cupertino has decided to extend its offering of a free upgrade to previous MobileMe customers who made the switch to the new service.

Previous MobileMe customers who opted to move across to the new iCloud platform were initially offered a free copy of Snow Leopard to entice them to the new service.

Later, those who switched to iCloud between October 12th, 2011 and August 1st,2012 were offered an equivalent level of complimentary storage based on their MobileMe subscription.

This week, Apple has sent out notifications to MobileMe switchers enjoying that free 20GB of storage that it had decided to extend the free offer for an additional 12 months.

Not a permanent upgrade
Apple has made it clear that the extension is far from a permanent one with the offer only valid until September 30 2013, or until a user opts to upgrade their iCloud account themselves, thereby cancelling the free upgrade.

While it was initially offered to ease the difficulty of transitioning content from one service to another, with MobileMe now dead in the ground for months , it seems Cupertino is simply looking for a way to reward its loyal customers.

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